Cybersecurity Services

Welcome to the world of Cyber & Information Security. We offer our clients professional customized automated and manual white-box / black-box penetration testing, consulting & security analysis to secure their software, web application, online services or networks.

An overview of our services

We protect well-known software products, online services, web applications and networks on various platforms such as Linux, MacOS, iOS, Windows. Our clients always have the free choice between a black-box or a white-box penetration test and are always comprehensively advised in advance.

Web Application Security

  • Database queries and connections (MySQL, MSSQL, PostgreSQL … )
  • Client side communication – Server side communication
  • Application-side communication
    Input & output mechanisms

Networks & Infrastructure

  • Identification of new and known security vulnerabilities
  • Documentation of individual weaknesses in the form of an “Advisory”
  • Operational consulting & support during and after the penetration test

Mobile & VoIP System Security

  • Secure boot firmware components
  • Execution of arbitrary code with kernel privileges
  • Unauthorized access to cloud and mobile account data on mobile servers
  • Errors or security gaps in protective mechanisms
  • Critical errors or vulnerabilities in access rights and privileges


The Story of a Maniac and why we can help you! We are a 5-person team that met 17 years ago on the Internet. In the forum of “ShadowCrew” we had exchanged ideas with other hackers and became quite fast the best of the best. 2013 we were caught by the FBI. Until today our hard disks are not decrypted by the government.

Over 17 years of experience

  • Been a cybercriminal for 8 years
  • Over 9 years bounty hunter
  • Worked for large companies like,,, etc.

We know the procedures of the criminal

  • We were the bad guys.
  • Public pentools are out of date!
  • We can protect you 99.9% from cyber attacks!

Over 500.000 data stolen.

  • 100.000 encrypted credit cards
  • 353.000 Access data of the DisplayBank
  • 35.000 Paypal Accounts
  • 160.000 access data from the American military.
  • 7GB NASA ( Database Dump)
  • Hacked several elite universities (Stanford, Harvard, Oxford…)

Self-developed software

  • Cascading of encryption (TrueCrypt)
  • Attack and malware ( Not Opensource)
  • FBI needs several decades of hard disk decryption!

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Attention : 

We sell the software only for limited time and slots !​

You want to protect your data from the outside and governments ? The ability of TrueCrypt to cascade its three encryption algorithms AES, Twofish and Serpent makes decryption even more difficult. Several tests by the LKA & FBI have been tried, including a brute force attack, which was very helpful at the time, but failed.

Our software is able to slow down the progress to decrypt a hard drive by 40. That means, if you need 1 year for the decryption, it now takes 40 years!

With our encryption technology you protect your data more than 100% !

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