The holiday season is fast-approaching with sale events like Amazon Prime Day right around the corner. If you’re short on storage, this is a great opportunity to expand your drive capacity with a good deal on a new SSD. We update this page every day with the best deals we can find.

More people are working from home this year alongside students attending virtual classes at home. For those looking to dedicate storage to these remote workspaces, this is your chance to find the right deal. If price isn’t a concern, you can check out our list of Best SSDs to get an idea of what’s leading the market in 2020.

For anyone minding a budget this year, keep scrolling to find some awesome deals on SSDs. We’ve got a wide selection to satisfy everyone—from the most dedicated gamer to the new remote worker.

Specs to look out for:

Manufacturer – If you find a deal that’s too good to be true from an unknown manufacturer, it’s usually best to pass on it and hold out for a more reputable brand.

Size – Form factor will determine whether or not the SSD will fit inside your PC. Make sure you have plenty of room for the new drive.

Interface – Each SSD uses a specific interface to connect to a PC. Double-check that the drive is compatible with the intended motherboard.

Drive type – SSDs are much faster than traditional hard drives. Verify the deal you’re looking at is for the right drive type.

Capacity – This determines how much data you can store on the SSD. The bigger the number, the more you can store.

Read / Write Speeds – These specs determine how long it takes to move data to and from the SSD. The faster the transfer speeds, the less time you have to wait.

 Quick Deal Tips

Each SSD deal listed below was individually verified to ensure it provides a valuable deal. But don’t just take our word for it, there are tools you can use to improve your research game.

We recommend using third-party applications to help research price history and compare SSD prices between vendors. Google Shopping and PCPartPicker provide useful comparison data while CamelCamelCamel is ideal for checking Amazon price history. Using these websites will help make sure the deal you’ve found is genuine.

Hottest Deals

Crucial P1 1TB M.2: was $119, now $106 @Newegg
This Crucial P1 internal SSD has a maximum storage capacity of 1TB. It has an M.2 form factor, so you won’t need much space, just an open port. You can pick it up on Newegg for just $106 right now.View Deal

Team Group T-Force Vulcan G 1TB: was $90, now $77 @Newegg
This internal SSD measures in at 2.5″ and has a 1TB storage capacity. It uses a SATA III interface. It’s currently available at a 14% discount.View Deal

Western Digital Blue 500GB: was $99, now $59 @Amazon
This 500GB SSD from Western Digital uses a SATA 6.0 Gbps interface. It has read/write speeds as high as 560/530MBps. As of right now, you can pick one up for $59.View Deal

Samsung 870 QVO 1TB SSD: was $129, now $109 @Amazon
Save 15% on this Samsung internal SSD from Amazon. It has read/write speeds up to 560-530 Mbps. This edition has a 2.5″ form factor, making it a smaller option that doesn’t require much space.View Deal

WD Blue 3D NAND 1TB was $129, now $99 @Newegg
This 2.5″ internal SSD has a maximum storage capacity of 1TB. This slim form factor makes it ideal for PCs without much room that still have open slots. It has read/write speeds up to 2560/530 Mbps.View Deal

Samsung 860 EVO 250GB: was $94, now $49 @Walmart
This internal SSD is both small in capacity and form factor. It can hold up to 250GB of data and weighs just .11 lbs. This SSD also supports AES 256-bit encryption.View Deal

WD SN750 500GB: was $79, now $69 @Amazon
This SSD uses an M.2 interface and has a 500GB storage capacity. It is not compatible with SATA ports, you need a vacant M.2 slot to use it. The SN750 features a data transfer rate of 3430 Mbps.View Deal

PNY CS900 120GB: was $27, now $18 @Amazon
If you’re looking for a little extra storage without spending too much, check out this deal on the 120GB PNY drive. It has read/write speeds up to 515/480 Mbps and features low power consumption.View Deal

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