Burp Suite extension for extracting metadata from files Currently supported documents:

The project created at Jetbrains has been completely added. Don’t forget to change the settings you need.


You need to dowload 2 external libraries:

To install the extension in BurpSuite, go to Extensions > Options and configure the Java Environment with the path where you save the libraries in .jar.

Finally, add to BurpSuite the .jar file located in the out/artifacts/BurpExtensionMetaFinder_jar folder. You should get a success message.

Output example

When you browse a URL that contains a pdf or docx you will see in the Dashboard something like the following:

Note: This issue was generated by the Burp extension: MetaFinder.
Issue detail

Metadata found in file: xxxx.pdf
* Author: root
* Creator: Adobe InDesign 15.0 (Macintosh)
* Producer: Adobe PDF Library 15.0

The results will depend on the metadata of the documents found.


This project has been developed by:


This Software is a simple POC. You are free to improve it, redo it or whatever you want. Don’t forget to link the original source.

Download BurpMetaFinder

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