NineSigma, representing Equinor, is looking for companies or researchers that are developing the next generation of non-stick coating solutions. The coatings should be omniphobic (both oil and water-resistant) and suitable for application within the Oil & Gas industry: e.g. application on the interior of pipelines and on other components to make the surfaces smooth and protect them from corrosion and fouling.

Corrosion and fouling are significant challenges in the Oil & Gas industry, which are today mitigated using chemical treatment, coating, flowline pigging and mechanical clean-up.

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In crude oil production steel in pipelines can corrode in contact with brines and corrosive gases, e.g. CO₂ and H₂S; fouling of pipes can be caused by the precipitation of organic components in the crude such as waxes and asphaltenes or of salts from the aqueous phase e.g. carbonates and sulphates.

Application of suitable coatings inside pipelines or other equipment exposed to flow can prevent corrosion, and reduce pressure drops by preventing fouling on the pipe wall or by modifying the pipe wall wetting properties. Omniphobic coatings are an appropriate choice here, however, such coatings should ideally have the same lifetime as the pipes/equipment themselves. When in use the coatings must withstand a challenging environment of multiphase flow. The fluids flowing through the pipes/equipment can be hydrocarbons, reservoir water and/or seawater where the flowrate, pressure and temperature can be high.

Submissions to this Challenge must be received by Dec 18, 2021.

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