Earlier this year, Lian Li updated its fully RGB lit Strimer PSU cable extensions for both your motherboard and graphics card. But all you could get at the time was a 24 pin motherboard extension and dual 8-pin GPU extension kit. Fortunately, Lian Li has now updated its product lineup with a new Strimer Triple kit that includes a triple 8-pin GPU extension cable and an RGB hub. The kit is designed specifically for aftermarket RTX 3080s and RTX 3090s that are equipped with triple 8 pin power connectors.

Lian LI Streamer  Triple RGB PSU Cables

(Image credit: Newegg)

If you are unaware of how these extensions work, they don’t actually light up the physical PSU extension cable itself, rather the cables themselves are covered by RGB-lit strips. So in reality, you have two sets of cables running from your PSU cables to the system components. But in the end, the cables do look pretty with all that extra mass.

This new Strimer Triple kit also includes a little RGB hub that allows you to control the RGB lights however you want. The hub requires a SATA power connection, as well as an ARGB header on your motherboard. If you need to connect other ARGB devices and want to sync them to the hub, you can do that as well.

Keep in mind, this only includes the triple in pin extension for your graphics card. If you want the 24 pin motherboard RGB extension cable, you’ll have to buy that separately. The Strimer Triple kit goes for $59.99 right now on Newegg.com, and the Strimer 24-pin SKU goes for $10 less at $49.99.

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