Networks & Infrastructure

Infrastructures with information technology background are subject to a high dynamic of business processes and company requirements due to the continuous change of time. Further developments such as the virtualization of server systems or the move to the cloud require continuous optimization of network security components and infrastructure to meet the current requirements of the digital age. Network security is a process that can be classified in the area of secure infrastructure. This process must be permanent in order to quickly identify permanent problems or new and known weaknesses.

The DEEPWEBKID team accompanies, creates, defends and supports you on this way in the area of IT security. We create concepts for secure networks, analyze risks, evaluate security mechanisms & identify known or unknown vulnerabilities. Our team of experts can be integrated flexibly before the creation of a network, but of course we also help with already established productive networks. We advise our customers on a reliable and secure level and consider all possible relevant issues, suggestions and limitations.


  • Identification of new and known security vulnerabilities (Automated & Manual)
  • Documentation of individual weaknesses in the form of an “Advisory” (weakness report)
  • Documentation of the entire situation picture
  • Operational consulting & support during and after the penetration test
  • Checking the effectiveness of patches and updates (retest after security check).

Network - Interfaces & Components

Network transitions such as the connection to the public Internet or ethernet network interfaces between different areas of your company must be controlled, checked and regulated in order to protect services and data from unauthorized access and to ensure permanent network security. This is the task of firewalls, filter mechanisms and intrusion prevention systems. Deepwebkid  develops customized individual solutions for your company to actively guarantee network security.

Server Systems & Virtualization

The setup of server systems through virtualization constantly requires new protective measures to ensure general network security. Communication interfaces that used to be secured by firewalls are increasingly being outsourced to virtualization hardware via the internal area. Existing network security solutions cannot provide the necessary protection or only insufficiently.

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