Nvidia just released a new graphics driver this morning, version 460.89, and with it comes a very important feature for the ray tracing community, full support for Vulkan’s finalized ray tracing extensions. Plus, Nvidia has updated Quake II RTX to version 1.4.0 which adds the same Vulkan RT extensions into the game.

This is great news for developers and gamers who love Ray Tracing, Vulkan’s Ray Tracing extensions are fully open source which makes RT implementation much easier for developers. Now that Nvidia is onboard with the new tech, this will further increase Vulkan RT adoption due to how popular Nvidia’s RT capable graphics cards have become.

If you want to download the new driver, head to GeForce Expereince or Geforce.com. If you want to check out the new Vulkan RT extensions in Quake II, head over to Steam and download it for free.

There are no bug fixes with this patch.

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