Danish electronics retailer Proshop has updated its RTX GPU inventory once again, and even though the RTX 3070 launch is set for just 10 days from now (on October 29th), it looks like the cards are likely to be as hard to find and buy then as they were on the RTX 3080 and 3090 launches.

Proshop first started making its RTX inventory available for the public on October 7th, frustrated by customer complaints about not being able to buy the highly sought after graphics cards. Since then, it’s periodically updated its numbers, and it added an RTX 3070 chart to its list late last week. Now, that chart’s been updated again, and even though the RTX 3070 launch was already delayed once to give stores time to stock up on cards ahead of time, shipments from manufacturers are still falling behind.

Attempting to stock up on cards from Asus, MSI, Gigabyte and Inno3D, Proshop has so far ordered 4,280 RTX 3070 units from manufacturers. Of those units, only 106 have actually made it into Proshop’s hands so far. Another 185 are confirmed to be on the way, but that still leaves 3,989 cards unaccounted for.

In other words, Proshop only has 2.5% of its RTX 3070 stock in right now.

Granted, this is only one retailer, but it seems as if the delayed launch hasn’t helped beef up RTX 3070 supply much. By comparison, Proshop’s RTX 3080 stock is currently sitting at 479 out of 8,925 total ordered units, with just 142 confirmed to be on the way. Proshop’s RTX 3090 stock isn’t much better, as the company currently only has just 148 out of 1,912 ordered units in hand, with just 52 more confirmed to be on the way.

It’s possible that other retailers might be having more success, but as Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang said in a recent Q&A, numbers like this mean that we can probably expect demand to outstrip supply across the whole RTX line throughout the rest of the year.

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