The truth about the leader - d4op

I turned my hobby into a profession, but first I went the dark way.

I am an IT security manager and penetrationtester. At 2011 I began hacking in the underground. Since 2013 I changed my mind and participates in private Bug Bounty programs. my focus is on government agencies, insurance companies and telecommunication providers. 

I decided to launch this website and gathered some kind of team. I have decided to create a team of ex-cyberattackers who are the best in their field. So deepwebkid was born.

Internship IT system administrator 

  • Advice for customers
  • Configuration and maintenance of servers
  • Hacking and reconditioning of Server Blades
  • Training IT Specialist in Software Engineering
  • Further training for IT security


Training IT specialist for application development

  • Freelancer IT-Audits and IT-Consulting,  Self-employed
  • Software, CMS, shopsystems and mobile apps
  • Advice for customers
  • PM – Project management for companies
  • Worldwide pentests and audits performed
  • Bugbounty Programs


Hacking 2011-2013 


         Security vulnerabilities discovered:

  • NASA 7GB – Datenbank Dump
  • Microsoft Online Services
  • Europa Agency – multiple SQLi & ISP Config Access
  • Displaybank – 360.000 Creditcards Access
  • SDSC – San Diago Super Computer Center RCE Vuln
  • American DoD Network – 160.000 Miliatry Accounts Dump
  • Paypal – 35.000 Accounts Access
  • Vodafone – Access to HelpDesk Database
  • EDUs:  Stanford, Harvard, Oxford, and many more SQLi
  • CDU Fraktion Berlin – XSS
  • OTTO Group – Remote Code Execution
  • German Private Insurance – Main Database Access

Caught in 2013

  • I have decided to go in a different direction.
  • Company founded 
  • Bugbounty Hunting
  • Microsoft – Security Research Aknowledgements for Microsoft Online Services


Januar 2017 release list:

Do you have any questions ?

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deepwebkid collective