AMD plans to announce its hotly-anticipated Zen 3 ‘Vermeer’ processors on October 8 at 9am PT. The company will livestream its “Where Gaming Begins” event, which you can watch below.

According to the description listed on the livestream landing page, AMD will brand the new Zen 3 desktop PC processors as Ryzen 5000. While you wait for the livestream to begin, check out our Zen 3 all we know article, which outlines all of the publicly-available information AMD has shared about the chips, along with some of the interesting tidbits we’ve pieced together.

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AMD’s Zen architecture has redefined our expectations for the desktop PC, taking away the performance lead from Intel in several key areas, like pricing, heavily-threaded content creation applications, and power consumption, all while offering a better value proposition and free bundled coolers. 

All that’s left is for AMD to finally take the gaming performance lead from Intel to assume complete dominance of the desktop PC market. Given AMD’s marketing push towards gaming and content creation on its website and the “where gaming begins” name of the event, we certainly expect to learn more on that front during the live stream. 

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