Web Application Security

The DEEPWEBKID security team is specialized in identifying security holes or vulnerabilities in web applications and script-based applications. Our security company is known for identifying, reporting or successfully closing web-based security holes and vulnerabilities in applications or services.

Our team works closely with the various vendors and companies in all industries to ensure that vulnerabilities in web applications can be identified, analyzed and successfully closed as quickly as possible.

The researchers and penetration testers (former cyberterrorists) have already identified and closed zero-day security holes in various web applications. During our tests, we have, among others, reported new security vulnerabilities to organizations such as Nasa, universities such as Harvard, Stanford and Oxford, and the American Military for Commerce in order to protect critical infrastructures permanently.

Our security team checks web applications on the following levels of communication:

  • Database queries and connections (MySQL, MSSQL, PostgreSQL … )
  • Client side communication – Server side communication
  • Application-side communication
  • Input & output mechanisms


Our Advanced Persistent Threat Team identifies & analyzes the following security vulnerabilities:

  • Client-side vulnerabilities – Cross Site Scripting, Cross Site Request Forgery, Redirects, Clickjacking, SSRF, ID Hijacking …
  • Server side vulnerabilities – Remote Code Executions, Insecure DirectObject References, Remote / Local File Inclusion, SQL Injections, Directory Traversals .

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