Whitebox Penetration Testing

With an external white(white) penetration test, however, information, data and source codes of the services are available for the black box test. This information concerns e.g. the version number of a software, service information (Ssh, Ftp, Smtp, Telnet, RPC, Imap …), infrastructure design, detailed concepts or the source code of a software/application. When dealing with electronic mechanisms, schematics, board configurations, mappings or schemes could help to achieve high quality results. In a whitebox security test procedure, the client cooperates with the service provider to generate permanent security solutions. Cooperation requires the active test procedure against the company’s infrastructures to be tested.

In a whitebox security test we cooperate with the respective manufacturer to generate the best security solutions with internal knowledge. In a team, our employees can easily find solutions and reliable results to secure your system or infrastructure in detail and permanently.

What are the advantages of the whitebox security test procedure?

  • Increase of vulnerabilities & detection rate
  • Faster alignment and procedure for penetration tests & simulations
  • Network risk analysis for infrastructures
  • Calculation of new attack vectors through the developer view

Blackbox Penetration Testing

All our services in the area of penetration testing and security auditing should be used in combination with a Black and White feature. Depending on the application, these features change the attack pattern and the documentation for the further procedure in a penetration test.

With an external Black(Black) penetration test, no data (source code, operational information & network information) is available. Our team has to get information and data via detours and use them competently to achieve a qualitative result. In this test procedure our employees work from the perspective of a criminally thinking computer hacker, cyber fraudster, online saboteur or destructive cracker.

What are the advantages:

  • Real attack conditions
  • Versatile insights & documentation
  • Not disclosing their projects or source codes

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